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Use of the KNRM app is mandatory

For the safety of the participants of the H-Boat Worlds 2019, the KNRM Helpt app will be used this year. This app is illuminated for every participating boat. A nice extra is that family and other interested parties can follow the competitions.

New is the possibility to follow participants of an event as a group. Under the name KNRM Helpt Flotilla, sailing competitions can be followed in real time by the competition management.

Below you will find the instruction regarding the setting up and use of the KNRM Helpt app.

Download and install

Download the app in the Apple App Store or in the Google Play Store.



You do the basic registration in the app itself. Select the function Register on the start screen. Further settings can also be made from a desktop. To do this, go to the website

Remember that the sail number is entered in the first name (voornaam) field!

Start with every match

For tracking at every game, it must also be started every time. When leaving the port, 

consider a full battery, multiple telephones with the app and / or a power bank

Group Event code will be: HBOATWC2019

After the race

The track is saved for every race recorded. This allows you to view afterwards how there 

has been sailed at every competition.

Use of the app is mandatory

for every participant




  1. Max says:


    Do I have to register for an account, put in details about “my vessel” and enter the group code just to follow the race from Sweden? Or is there a direct link on mobile/desktop that I can use to follow the races?

    Best regards,
    Max (following SWE 609)

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