Lots of sailors over the world have been racing on the IJssemeer at Medemblik. The IJsselmeer used to be an inland tidal sea called the Zuiderzee until it was dammed in 1932. No salt water left since then. Flat water in a south westerly wind and steep waves in a notherly makes the IJsselmeer sometimes hard to sail but generally the IJsselmeer is splendit sailingwater and exellent for racing the H-Boat.

Wind Conditions

Wind conditions in Medemblik are variable and are mostly influenced by the low pressure systems coming in from the North Sea. On sunny days you can experience a nice sea breeze effect. The prevailing wind in this part of the Netherlands is West to South-West. In a given week in summer you can expect a few fresh days with big wind and a few warmer days with variable wind. The waves at the IJssel Lake are mostly short and choppy. There is no noticable current. The water is fresh.